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Software Development & Industry News


a is a personal project that I have worked on for the past few months. And I am excited to see it grow in the coming years. As well as offering development services, our site is also a regularly updated resource about PHP and any industry related news.

Software Development


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Get in touch with me and describe what you need in as much detail as possible. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours with a detailed quote and proposal for your project. We can even hop on Skype for a free consultation (voice or video call). I’m here for you every step of the way.

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Pay securely only after you are happy with the work I’ve completed for you. No annoying contracts and no complicated requirements. I will complete the project exactly as you have it envisioned and only upon your satisfaction will I ask for payment.

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Need revisions even after your order has been completed? No problem! As I said, I’m here every step of the way for your project. If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to let me know. My client’s satisfaction is of extreme importance to me.

Not convinced?

With so many developers out there today, it can be hard to find the right one for your project. Have you seen my Blog? This is where I’ll share the latest in the software/development world. Read my personal thoughts, tutorials and blog posts that I’ve personally written. Get to know me.


Who Am I?


My name is..


I am a 30-year-old, self-taught web developer who has finally found his place within the programming industry. While I have found a lot of stability in my personal life, I had always struggled to feel the same way about my work. I tried many different jobs coming out of college, but I was unable to understand what type of work I found fulfilling.

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What is the Nephtali Project?

When I first registered the domain name NephtaliProject, I was unsure about how I wanted my site to turn out. My name is Jason Nephtali, which explains the name of the site. I knew that I wanted it to be something related to PHP, but I was not sure what type of niche it would serve.

As I continued to create the site and come up with potential ideas, I realized that I wanted it to serve as a resource for others. When I was first getting into programming languages, I will admit that all the freely available resources helped me immensely. Without those sites and tutorials, I would not be here today – someone who has mastered PHP and is working as a web developer.

Now I want to help others who may be on the same journey. It is why I will have many tutorials and blog posts on the Nephtali Project that are focusing on the journey as a new developer. I will detail my experiences, as someone who started learning PHP five years ago on his own, WestCoastSupply was my first project. And I will also give advice based on those experiences, as there are some decisions I wish that I could take back! It will be great for people to learn from my mistakes and focus their programming journey even more.

Another avenue for the site is to explore all the news related to PHP and other programming languages. The beauty of programming is that it never stands still. New languages come out, standards go out of support and the demands from site administrators change. Web developers must be on their toes, which means keeping up with the latest news.

Now there is a dedicated resource where readers can come to catch up on all the latest news related to PHP and the wider programming industry. While I may not catch every single story, I will do my best to have all the most relevant stories of the week featured on the site. Join In!

It is no good having a site if no one is giving back. A site is only as good as its readership. And I hope that my readers will feel comfortable enough to comment on my guides, tutorials, blog posts and news articles.

When I share about my journey, I want to hear from others. Perhaps you are going through those experiences today. Or you just want to tell others about how you mastered programming.

If we are all able to share our stories and give our views on different stories, then we can help each other. The beauty of programming is that even though it is very solitary work, fellow programmers can be pivotal in lifting each other up.

Oh, and if you’re looking for an agency to handle your development needs, just know that we can also do that for you. Just get in touch with us for a free quote and we’d love to be able to help bring your dream project to life!

Meet my team


Lead developer


Rob is the lead developer (alongside me) for all our projects. Alongside me, he ensures your project is running as it should be and is delivered inside the timeframe we promise.

Head UI designer


Jamie is the head UI designer at Nephtali. He is responsible for making sure your project looks pretty and visually pleasing. He can really turn your ideas into a reality.

Bug/code tester


Without V, Nephtali wouldn’t be here. V is the guy we go to for checking all our code to double check for bugs. He validates the code and verifies your project is good for live use.

Customer support


Sophie is head of customer support. She will stay in touch with you throughout the entire process, keeping you updated with everything!

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