Nephtali Project | About Founder
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About Founder

Hello! My name is Jason Nephtali. I am a 30-year-old, self-taught web developer who has finally found his place within the programming industry. While I have found a lot of stability in my personal life, I had always struggled to feel the same way about my work. I tried many different jobs coming out of college, but I was unable to understand what type of work I found fulfilling.

Then I got into programming. Unlike many people, I did not go to college for programming, nor did I immediately enroll into any courses. I preferred to take my own path, as I wanted to learn on my own terms. I am self-taught, as I decided to start on a whim. I took my laptop, did some research on programming languages and picked one. Then I started learning it!

Fast forward 5 years and I am in this position. Not only did I manage to master the first language that I learned, but it has become one of my passions. Hypertext Preprocessor, or PHP, is the programming language that I first started to learn. I knew that it was a server-side scripting language and I felt that it was the most important one for me to learn.

Aside from working on sites and projects related to PHP, I also decided to start the NephtaliProject. I created because I wanted to share my passion with others. I want to educate others about the PHP language while providing the latest news and information related to it.

I see the NephtaliProject as a one-stop resource where you can get all this great information about PHP. Whether you are new to the language or you have a lot of experience with PHP, I believe there is something useful on my site for you. We also offer our development services through this website, although I don’t want to be the guy that tries to promote something down your throat excessively. To request a free quote, click here.

Meet the team!

Here’s our team.. hard at work 🙂

My passion for programming is one that probably goes back to my childhood, though not in the way you would imagine. Most people loved computers and tech since they were kids. But I believe it is my quiet, unassuming personality that is the reason why I love programming so much.

Every time I would go into a new industry or sector, I felt uncomfortable. I was okay with the work, but I felt that interacting with people or playing office politics was not for me. And it seemed as though my personality mattered more than what I was producing.

It is what drew me to computer science at 25. I was tired of feeling as though my intelligence and output was not the most important factor. I knew that if I were to learn programming languages and work on site development, I could let my work stand on its own.

It is the best decision I have ever made. And I cannot wait to hear how my readers at got into programming! Please send over a comment or email through the site, telling me about your journey with programming languages.