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Examples ranging from "Hello World!" to advanced refactoring patterns for large-scale applications.

Hello World!

Without further ado:

Markup in hello.php

<div id="content">

PHP in nsite/hello.php

   $name = 'greeting',
   $val = 'Hello World!'


<div id="content">
   <p>Hello World!</p>
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Listing of examples

  • Hello World! (redux)

    Perhaps the first Hello World! version lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

  • Debugging

    When things don't work the first time, Nephtali has some very basic debugging features built in that can help you figure out what went wrong.

  • Contact form

    A basic contact form that includes field validation, error handling, and feedback upon success.

  • Contact form (redux)

    Progressively enhance the original contact form example by leveraging the REST-ful API automatically available on Nephtali pages.

  • Basic to-dos admin

    Build a little admin that manages and displays a list of to-do items using SQLite as the database.

  • Simple auth

    Simple auth implementation that protects a directory of PHP files.