Nephtali Project | New Array of Hijabs & Abayas Have Got Favor of Muslim Feminists
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New Array of Hijabs & Abayas Have Got Favor of Muslim Feminists

New Array of Hijabs & Abayas Have Got Favor of Muslim Feminists

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The abaya is a traditional and religious Islamic outfit in Saudi Arabia and is one of the types of hijabs that are required by Muslim women in different Islamic nations. The Holy Book Quran and available Islamic literatures have reference of modest way to dress by Muslim men and women, but Islamic leaders have made more focus on feminist outfit. Men have continued to enjoy freedom to wear any type of dress without enforcement of Islamic laws, but women have been targeted on this issue.

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Islamic traditions targeting feminists

There seems to be no firm logic in wearing hijabs or its form abayas in Saudi Arabia, especially a black abaya. There is no reference of color anywhere in Quran, but advocates of religion created their own laws to dominate over community. Women are targeted in most religions, but Islam is very specific about womenfolk. The abayas are controversial outfit because of their specific color and design that makes women a hallmark of Islam. Muslim feminists have no problem with their religion but religious traditions and laws are annoying them. Some women in orthodox Muslim families are suppressed, but those in modern Muslim families have come out of traditions and religious law enforcements.

New hijab collections favored by Muslim feminists

The modern created abayas are not like traditional abayas that were disliked by many Muslim feminists. A new trend has been established in abayas. The Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has come up with new lines of hijabs. The abayas have been launched in its innovative forms. The forms of abaya UK also have emerged in new trends. A new collection of traditional Muslim outfit is targeting and enchanting Muslim and Arab audiences. The new trend has neural colors and are created from precipitous and delicate fabrics. This is the new way to wear hijabs and abayas that Muslim women favor in every part of the globe.

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