Nephtali Project | With PHP V5 Support Ending, Sites Must Adapt
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With PHP V5 Support Ending, Sites Must Adapt

With PHP V5 Support Ending, Sites Must Adapt

With the recent news that PHP 5.6 is losing support at the end of the year, one would assume that websites have adapted. But a report has found that around 62 percent of sites are still using PHP V5.

It is always ominous when anything related to technology approaches its end of life. It means that not only is this technology beyond its efficiency, but it is getting to a point where it is no longer worth supporting. And that is the current state of the server side scripting language PHP and its version 5.

What is PHP?

Hypertext preprocessor, or PHP, is a programming language that is used within web-based applications related to HTML content. It is so common because it includes support for many different platforms. It can work very effectively with various web-based software, including the likes of WordPress and Drupal.

The issue is not that sites are using PHP for their applications and other site content, but the version being used. Both versions 5.6 and 7.0 are not going to be supported at the end of the year. Sites that are still using these versions in 2019 are out of luck.

No Extension

Many people had assumed that an extension of the deadline would be possible. And it would be understandable, given how many sites are still using these almost outdated versions of PHP. But it appears there will be no extension and no changing of the deadline.

The Web Technology Surveys report indicates that around 61.8 percent of server-side programming sites are using PHP V5. And among the sites that are using version 5, around 42 percent of them are specifically using the version 5.6 that is going out of support.

Will The Sites Work?

When a programming language loses support, it does not mean that it will stop working. The applications and content running off PHP v5.6 will still operate. But the issue is that upgrades, bug fixes and security patches will not be coming out.

It is critical that site owners recognize this issue and make the necessary changes in the coming months.

Running for a few weeks on an unsupported version of PHP is not a disaster. But going any longer is asking for trouble. It will be important for sites to upgrade to the more modern versions of PHP, such as version 7.2. And this change must happen as soon as possible.

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